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Previous recipients of NWAF awards

American Studies Award 2014-15

Hannah Munkley, an American Studies student at Swansea University, Wales, used her award to fund travel in the USA.  " I am very grateful to the Foundation as the money helped me to travel to the Eastern and Southern states, which included Philadelphia with its Welsh influence and finding the Welsh writing inside the Washington monument in Washington DC. The University of North Carolina, Wilmington held an international day for students and I represented Wales, by setting up a table and providing information and images on the culture, landscapes, food and the Welsh language. I educated a lot of my American friends about Wales and they can’t wait to visit."

American Studies Award 2014-15

Holly Whitby of Swansea University, Wales, award recipient, said of her experience: " With the help of the Foundation award I was  able to travel around the United States and experience different cultures and different states. I facilitated Welsh-American relationships through promoting my home university at fairs and events as well as celebrating and informing other students about events such as St David's day and its traditions " 


Combined Exchange & Lloyd Travel Scholarships 2016

Mari Morgan emigrated to the United States in the 1990s.  She was the director of Côr Gogledd America and is a prominent and popular conductor of cymanfaoedd canu.  Mari is currently reading for her PhD in Trinity/St David's University College, Carmarthen, Wales.  The subject of her dissertation is the work and history of the Welsh American musicians Daniel Prothero and Joseph Parry.  This is proving to be extremely exciting and Mari has discovered manuscripts and information that were until very recently unknown.


Marah Hager's is student at the Madog Centre of Welsh Studies at Rio Grande University, Ohio where she has been extremely involved with Welsh activities, promoting awareness of Welsh culture in the community.  Her scholarship will help her study at Trinity/St David's University, Carmarthen, Wales where she will work on a publication documenting her personal experience in the Welsh Exchange programme.  She also aims to improve her Welsh and become fluently bi-lingual as she explores her heritage.

Lloyd Jones Scholarships 2016

The 2016 recipients of the Lloyd Jones Scholarship are Rhiannon Haf Quirk and Richard Gabriel Noakes.  The scholarship recognizes the entrepreneurial accomplishments of graduates of Bangor University, North Wales. Rhiannon designs and manufactures soft toys and decorative furnishings for her proposed on-line business.  Meanwhile, Richard designed and manufactured a prototype camera system to increase visibility for tractor drivers reversing attached trailers on farms in mid-Wales.  Rhiannon and Richard graduated from Bangor in 2016 with a B.Sc. in product design.  

Gail Patrick Bursary 2010

"I was fortunate enough to receive the North America Wales Foundation's Gail Patrick Bursary at a turning point in my career, when I first met Quincy Jones whilst studying in Cardiff. The support from the bursary was crucial in helping me to record my debut album, which went on to receive international critical acclaim. I’m hugely grateful for the support the team at the NAWF gave to me to help make this music possible, and it’s helped cement many musical relationships and friendships with musicians in New York and Los Angeles.  In in December 2016 I travelled to Dubai for the opening of the first ever Quincy Jones jazz club. "


Ollie Howell

Ollie Howells with Quincy Jones

Ollie with Quincy Jones